Hi, I'm April. 

I'm probably in my kitchen brewing coffee at the moment. Come on in, settle in with your mug, and lets share stories. 

I spent five-ish years traveling around the world in full time ministry, and then moved back to my small home town in Ohio. The past years have brought me to a journey through broken dreams and shattered faith. I found myself in a hard but good recovery process and spiritual awakening that has changed my faith in many ways. Trauma, sexual assault and chronic shame are all parts of my story. I also know what it's like to be prideful, religious and judgmental and have your whole world crash down around you, leaving you with a broken heart and nothing to show for your life. It's scary. The messes of life knocked me to rock bottom, and the strength of grace has carried me to a place of getting back up.

I’m learning to slow down, let go of striving, and live a love and grace filled life. It looks a lot like feeling things I never thought I’d feel, being brave, asking lots of questions, listening, choosing kindness, and taking things one day at a time. I'm learning to be honest and truthful with God, to show up as me and not the person I want to be, and to know that it's not scaring him away. I discovered that trust is hard for everyone, and that it's a journey, and it's the one that I want to keep choosing. I've learned above all that God is good, and that even when it doesn't seem like it, things are happening FOR me and not against me. 

I'm happiest adventuring with friends or curled up with a book and mug-full of artisan coffee. I believe in the power of art and that using ones platform and voice, however small or big, matters. My heartbeat is for girls and women to know their identity and worth. To know they're loved at the core of who they are. To know they're worth nourishing.  To know Jesus is enough. 

In my home you'll usually find a messy kitchen, late night laughter and tears, lots of hugs, blankets, books, plants, coffee and wine. If I’m not writing or reading I’ll be practicing yoga, watching my latest TV favorite, baking or attempting to keep my plants alive. 

I write here about healing, grace, and coming home to God. Love changed my life. It will change yours too. This is a place of encouragement to live wholehearted, to nourish yourself, be invited into God's love, and discover what it means to enjoy life and slow down along this journey of surrender to becoming our fullest selves. 

This space is for you if you've ever felt unloved, unwanted, or not enough.

mini bio: 

April is a writer and creative who invites women to love their whole selves. Her heartbeat is for women and girls to know their identity and worth, own their story and live their one beautiful life with a wild heart. Love and grace changed her life and she writes about it at apriljoypurdy.com. She loves adventures, artisan coffee, yoga and baking pies.