Saturday for the Soul

It's Saturday y'all!

Hopefully that means you get to drink coffee and enjoy a slow morning with something or someone you love. I'm cleaning house and working on a macrame wall hanging today. Pictures to come later. 

It seems the summer days are already fading, I feel school in the air and I suddenly want to do all-the-projects. I know... it's not even fall yet, but you get me, yeah? The urge to clean and organize for a new season? If it's hit you too, you'll love this $10 off at Grove Collaborative, my all time favorite store for home products. Discount Mrs. Meyers products? Yes. Please.  SHOP HERE


a few more goodies:

My friend Abby talks about quieting fear to create space for faith.

Love these thoughts from the Art of Simple on why you're having food cravings.


That's a wrap for now! Do you have a  favorite Saturday tradition? Share below if you like! 

Saturday for the Soul

Good morning!

It's Saturday. Remind yourself that you're loved. Drink all the coffee. Eat the waffles. Work on your to-do list. Do something outside if you can. Let yourself create, play, dream. Rest. Be with the ones you love. Whatever it is that fills you up with life - do that. And most of all, breathe.

Just breathe. 

Also, if you only read one thing from the internet this week, let it be this: 

Susie Larson talks about shame and how to remove it from your life

This link had me SO WRECKED this week. In that good, but so hard kind of way. Just. Wow.


Here's a couple more goodies: 

Heather Caliri reminds us that we have permission to be SEEN. 

Summer of 69 by Angie Warren. This one's just so beautiful. 

Saturday For the soul


Little bits of beauty from around the internet to invite you into the present, into rest, into who you are.

Permission to speak. Permission to bloom. Permission to love. Enjoy your Saturday!