Saturday for the Soul

Happy Saturday. Happy weekend. 

For me this weekend means driving out of state to visit my guy and his kiddos. Yeah, I drive a lot these days (long distance relationships do that to you!) while drinking coffee of course, and listening to all the good tunes I can find on Spotify. The early morning drives are my favorite. The roads are still bare and the foggy mist sits over the treetops as the sun rises behind them. I sip my coffee and wake up slowly. I pray, I breathe, it's become a space of rest for me.

I'm finding new rhythms of rest in my life right now. I'm more active again and traveling a fair amount, while thinking and planning for the future and still maintaining my day to day work and life. It's been... different. I love stability and systems and routine. It keeps me stable and allows space for me to be creative. I create best when I'm surrounded by structure. I allow myself to adjust to new schedules and timing and I keep telling myself to rest.

Rest. It's not something I've ever been good at, though I find I'm learning. I'm talking about true rest here, not the netflix and chill version, but deep soul rest, spirit rest, that kind that leaves me remembering who God is and that I can trust him with all those little things that build up throughout the week and all those big things that are weighing on my heart. Rest is freeing. Rest will take the stress and the striving and the worry and toss them out the window, leaving you with a sweet breeze blowing through your hair and a deep breath of its-all-gonna-be-okay. 


For today. Saturday. It's all gonna be okay. 


Here are a few promised pictures of the macrame wall hanging I made that I talked about a few weeks ago.