On Daily Caring For Your Soul (and How I Forget to Water my Plants)

I often forget to water my plants. It's kind of a problem. 

I love them, I really do, they bring so much joy to my life. I love getting my hands in the dirt, planting new things, watching them grow and bloom. I love all of it: the flowers, gardens, greenery, all that beautiful nature-stuff that is full of life.

Except some days they aren't so full of life because of the lack-of-water situation I've created. I apparently missed out on inheriting my Mom's green thumb. I look over at my house plants all wilting up and getting dried out and oh my gosh, I forgot to water this week AGAIN. And dear Jesus, help me. 

This forgetting to water doesn't just happen with my plants though. I find my soul all stressed out and feeling overwhelmed and then, oh... I haven't read my Bible in over a week. I haven't prayed at all today. Yoga was days ago. Did I even acknowledge my emotions today? I think I was just numbing things all day. Yikes.

It's so incredibly easy to go through the motions of life and work and relationships and forget to be present. I forget to acknowledge where I'm at and I forget to care for myself properly until I notice I'm dying a little on the inside. When my heart is hurting and I wonder what's going on with me, and I can't put it into words when my sister asks, so I say I'm just tired (which is true) but I know deep down that it's my soul and spirit that is tired and I can't figure out why. Then I remember how I've been lacking in showing up for my soul and it all makes sense. I'm so quick to forget that just like our bodies, just like my plants, my soul need nourishment. My mind and heart and emotions, it all needs tender loving care and a lack of that care leaves me all wilted and soul-tired. 

I'm learning ways to care for my soul and spirit, to nourish every part of me, to pay attention to the needs I have and not just run over them pretending that they don't exist or that I'm suddenly superwoman. I'm acknowledging that I'm human and have needs and that this doesn't make me less-than, it makes me real. 

What are your favorite ways to care for your soul?