replacing lies with truth: A Vision

The labels across my forehead spoke it all. As if they were made of duct tape, slapped on my face, the words written across in bold black. Broken. Unworthy. Unlovable. Made too many Mistakes. Not good enough. Not wanted. 

They’d become part of me. I didn’t even notice them anymore when I looked in the mirror. They just were. I didn’t know I was still believing those things, this picture coming into my head in an instant. Then staying, showing me something. 

The labels, then someone walking towards me, reaching for my forehead. I cringe and step back, feeling too much shame to be approachable. I breathe deep, surrender, let go. The figure moves towards me, gently pulling one of the labels off. 

Broken. The word floats to the ground. The figure speaks, a voice I know well: “brokenness is what lets my love in, my love is what makes you whole. In me you are whole. I love you.”

Unworthy. “I make you worthy,”  he speaks softly to me, tossing the label to the side. 

Unlovable. Another label. “It’s not possible to be unlovable. I created you. You were created in my image and I AM LOVE. It's about receiving my love. You are worth it. You are so loved. Let me love you."

Made too many mistakes. “No. The cross is for all the mistakes. Not just one. There isn’t a limit on how many times you mess up. Turn around, turn around. Rise up. I am for you,”  is the strongly spoken whisper. 

Not good enough. This one. Always creeping in to the forefront of life. "Let yourself breathe." he calms, "I never asked you to do more, to be more. I asked you to rest in me, to open your heart to love, to be you, no one else.”

Not wanted. “I chose you. I picked you. I want you. You are always wanted here, always invited to the table, never turned away. I will choose you again and again and again. There will always be room for you. Come here, come home.” 

Each label torn off with love, the lies thrown away, truth whispered to my heart. Gently. Calmly. But firm. No doubt or wavering appearing in the voice of truth. Just a steady calmness, a steady knowing. Jesus. The power of the cross. Always showing up when you least expect it. 

I breathe. I open my heart, rest back. I let myself be loved.