God is "re" membering us.


["To retain in the memory; keep in mind; remain aware of."]

Today, I remember Jesus. I remember myself. I "re" member myself in Jesus.

Remembering. I see remembering as a putting back together. Like a pulling of things that once were and bringing them into the present. I often find myself saying, I used to do this, or I used to be good at that, I’m just not sure anymore. I’ve forgotten. 

We forget what we don’t use. We forget the fears of the past. We forget what causes pain. We forget what brought us joy. We forget what God's done for us in the past. We forget the things we don’t want in our present. We forget the broken parts of ourselves. We push them away, hoping that they will stay out of our memory. 

I found myself encountering God. He’s in the act of remembering. He wants to pull the broken memories to the present, to bring them up, so he can heal them. He wants to remember us. He desires to "re" member us. To take the broken parts and put them back as whole. To take the broken memories and replace them with love in the present moment. God wants to remember us. I don't want to let the broken memories surface. I don't want to remember the ways I've failed, the hard things I've faced, I don't want to feel so vulnerable that courage falls away. It's scary and takes bravery that I at this moment I don't feel like I have. And that's just it. I don't have it. But I can fall back on love, rest in grace, allow myself to be real, and to put back together. 

I remind myself that love says I am not forgotten, not too broken, not cast aside. God is for me. God is for us. God remembers us in LOVE.