Defined by Grace


I failed this week. At least, it sure felt like I had. It was one of those days where it seemed like everything I touched or said or did was just wrong.

I think about grace. I know it's there but I don't want to receive it, because I don't deserve it. I wonder how (they) could possibly ever forgive me AGAIN. I wonder; maybe it's just me, maybe I'M wrong.

I hold grace out at arms length, not wanting to offer it or receive it. And then Jesus, He comes to embrace the brokenness. He gently reminds that undeserving is the whole definition of grace. Undeserving is what grace is. It's favor. Unearned. Unmerited.

While grace isn't a free pass to make mistakes, I realize that maybe, it's all going to be okay. Maybe the brokenness is the best place to meet Jesus. Maybe i'm not meant to focus on the failure, but acknowledge it and then focus on my need for Christ to make me whole. Maybe it's just another opportunity to move closer to Him.

To be with him, to know him, to open my heart more fully to him.

Maybe you failed this week too. Maybe you forgot about grace today. Or didn't think you deserve any more of it. Maybe you too, need the reminder to open your heart. To let grace in. To let Jesus in. To let your brokenness be made whole.