Fresh Starts


This little gem of a paragraph showed up in my Timehop this morning. Written a year ago on a blissful snowy morning. I always seem to write about fresh starts when the birds start chirping to remind us Spring will come. I love these tiny reminders of the goodness of God. 

Cold mornings. Snow falling. Warm, fresh roasted coffee (always). I snuggle in a little longer, delaying the inevitable embrace of the cold. Oh, Jesus. This glory. This glory that is resting in knowing how He is there. HOPE rushes in, speaking to my soul in the midst of chaos and cold. With open hands I receive, like the earth opening it's hands to the snow. 

Knowing it's a new day, a fresh start. Clean. Open. Full, yet waiting to be filled. God is GOOD. I am loved. You are loved. LOVE came to heal, to banish fear, to give a second chance, or a third. God is not mad at you. You are not forgotten. Hope for GOOD to show up, as you know the sunshine will shine soon. His love so great that nothing can get in the way of it. Nothing can block His love from reaching you. Nothing. His love is there. Ready. OPEN yourself to receive it.