Saturday Brunch + 2016.

This morning looks like homemade pumpkin waffles. Blueberries and peanut butter and a drizzle of syrup. A smooth, clean pour over of freshly ground coffee. The latest copy of my favorite magazine, a gift from Christmas, beckons me while I watch an episode of Once Upon a Time on Netflix. Rays of sunlight shimmer through the windows remind me of the presence of the one who gives life. I’m so grateful.

Saturday brunch will always be my favorite.

2015 was made up of hard things and good things. It was filled to the brim with change and growth. Today is one of those mornings when gratitude comes easy, when life is slow and full of good. Yet, this gratitude list was written during a less-than-ideal day last week. I’m learning to keep a practice of gratitude because it has the ability to change my perspective in an instant. And it always feels good to look back on the past year as we turn to a new one, a new beginning. So 2016, I’m ready for you.

And 2015, these things. They’re what I’m grateful for:

My gorgeous vintage apartment.
A new job. This was the greatest gift.
Growth. I’m learning how to be healthy.
God. The truth of who He really is. That I’m learning to trust again. That I’m praying again. There’s nothing better than a heart connection with God.
That I’m stronger than I used to be.
That I’m becoming self-aware and assertive.
Learning what love is. And isn’t.
Surrender. Letting God be in control of my life is so good.
Leaders that hear God, follow God and speak truth.
Physical healing and energy.
My first Christmas tree.
Coffee. It reminds me to slow down and be present.
My sister and her hubby coming to church and choosing to follow Jesus.
Financial blessing. Enough to pay my bills and enough to give.
My claw foot bathtub and hot baths.
Learning to love myself.
Pain. Because it means I’m feeling my feelings.
Joy. Because it means I’m healing.
A kitchen full of healthy food.
My new car. A total surprise.
Family to share holiday meals with.
Friends who drink all the coffee with me. And go on adventures.
My little plants that are growing slowly along with me.
Linen bedding and crocheted blankets.
Yoga. And my girlfriends to practice with.