Grace for Days.

My soul wakes glowing. Good morning. Grinning ear-to-ear with hope, I pull the blanket over my head for a last snuggle before fully waking. I rest into it, oh how GOOD is God. This JOY, this PEACE, it’s known well and so dear to my heart, but it’s been far too long, it’s been far too missed.

Months of dark days gone by. Too many tears. Too far from my own heart. And then grace. Oh, how He comes with His GRACE and LOVE and takes pain and shapes it into straight-up-beauty.

I rest in His grace for days. For today, too.

Life unfolds sometimes-too-quickly through the minutes. Tangled in the messiness, hope fades. I’m greeted with grace. I try and I fail, and try again. Grace shows up. So the days like today when joy simply comes. I don’t know how or why. I just know it is grace. I just know that it's God. and oh, He is GOOD.