Crossroads: A Poem.

A cloudy day.
The overcast sky glinting.
Bits of light fleeting.
Birds chirping echoing off the line of trees.
A young woman sitting.
The tinted air from her vice swaying in the breeze.
Crickets chirp.
Her head hurts.

Just one thought too many.
Another unanswered question.
Another ponder of her dreams.
Dreams of wholeness come again.
Raindrops fall. One. Two. Three.
The sun gleams.
She looks forward to a day when her heart again beams.

The ever changing weather a mimic of her mind.
Happy. Sad. Loved. Rejected.
The steadiness of emotion vanished to the past.
Replaced with the unsure.
The insecure.
The sting of pain that bites her heart.
The touch of love from her healer.

She sees it.
The crossroads.
The choice.
Both paths coax with all that they have.
One brings light.
One brings night.
The crossroads beckon.
The choice is hers.